From top-level performers to students, every audience will receive Geraldine’s message in a tailored, passionate, and compelling way.

Every event is unlike the other, and each speech is created to launch your attendees into a life where they can shine as performers, leaders, collaborators and achievers, thanks to practical tools and mindset that your company strives to build.


The secrets to building, keeping and handling success

Everyone wants success, but unless you’re given the specific tools to build it with, success can feel like a far-fetch dream. As a Broadway performer and author of “The Practice of Success,” Geraldine lays out a concrete path to success so you can stop dreaming and start succeeding.

Personal and inspiring stories, along with a practical step-by-step ready to be applied right away will leave your audience feeling empowered, motivated and ready to take on their professional dreams.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn to avoid the most common mistake people make when reaching for success
  • The daily practice you can do to create massively successful outcomes
  • The 1 blind spot to watch out for on your way to success


How to transform fear from pressure into an asset

No one has ever made it to the top level of their field, abilities and skills, without having to perform under pressure. Through her experience as a Broadway performer, Geraldine explains where pressure comes from, and how you can stop letting it get the best of you in order to start using it to your advantage.

Direct lessons and tools can be put to use right away, and your audience will leave feeling fearless, empowered and ready to take on their professional and personal dreams.

Key Takeaways

  • Tell the difference between the 2 primary types of pressure
  • The main reaction modes to pressure
  • How to stay calm, cool, and collected no matter what


How to make a career out of your passion

While being an incredible musician is crucial in order to have a career in the music industry, it takes more than that to truly succeed. As a Broadway conductor and pianist, and author of “The Practice of Success,” Geraldine provides a concrete step-by-step on how to build a long-term career in the music business, so you can leave the practice room and make money from your passion.

Concrete step-by-step approach, personal entertaining true stories, and a shift in mindset can be applied for direct results, and your audience will leave feeling hopeful, with a new sense of clarity, and ready to take on the music industry by storm.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the 3 main approaches to getting booked
  • Learn the most powerful negotiating tool
  • Find where your most overlooked opportunities for money are


How to get the most out of your team by using the power of collaboration

Leadership has taken on a completely different form in the past few years, and what used to work doesn’t cut it anymore. With the use of practical tools used on Broadway, Geraldine demonstrates the power of leading through collaboration, so that you can stop being the one pulling in all the weight and lead your time at its full capacity.

Inspiring stories, fun exercises and a practical approach will leave your audience feeling inspired, excited and prepared to lead in a new creative and effective way.

Key Takeaways

  • How to go from implementation, to collaboration, to decision making
  • Discover 3 key questions that can unlock any brainstorming session
  • Practical activities for your team to collaborate effectively


How the creative approach boosts your connection with clients and sales

Having a bag of tools is essential for a salesperson, but the key to a successful career is to keep it fun and engaging by using your creativity. Through her experience as a Broadway performer, Geraldine shares an entertaining approach to creativity, inspiring stories, and fun practical methods so you stop going through the motions, and start having fun and selling more by being creative with your clients.

Applicable strategies, personal stories, and a shift in mindset can be applied for direct results, and your audience will leave feeling excited, creative, and empowered to see their new selling goals come to life.

Key Takeaways

  • Practice the 2 keywords that unlock creativity and build connection
  • Discover how these 5 tools you use in your daily life can help you with sales
  • The 3 different ways to be creative to adapt to your client